NOPE. This is not what most of us want to do after a long work day. But it’s ONE NIGHT that could dramatically impact your child’s collegiate future…aaaaaand it’s JOY KAPLAN!😀 While no one can make the dispensing of this dry info fun and exciting, JOY will at least make it pleasant and entirely bearable. Plus, SNACKS AND RAFFLES! Snacks and raffles make everything better!☺️

All parents and students from GFA or ANY SCHOOL are welcome to attend! Including HOMESCHOOLING families!

⏰PLEASE RSVP BY MONDAY AT 12:00pm so we can provide enough snacks. Simply email to reserve your seats.

Come with all.your.questions! Here are some of the topics that will be highlighted:

• Learn about colleges across Idaho
• Explore the importance of college & Career planning
• ACT & SAT Deadlines​
• Price of colleges & Private University Incentives
• Learn about FAFSA & how to apply

—–> 🎟 There will be a raffle for a chance of winning several gift cards! ALL who attend will receive a ticket to fill out and enter!

WHO: Joy Kaplan, GFA School Counselor
B.S. Psychology, Criminal Justice
M.S. Counseling

WHAT: LOADS of Information about planning and deadlines, as well as specifics on HOW to apply for Financial Aid.

WHERE: GFA Library from 6:00-8:00pm

WHY: Because (spoiler alert!) College is VERY EXPENSIVE and you don’t want that to keep your child from the opportunities they deserve!