Our School

Christian schooling is an investment in your young person’s future. At Greenleaf Friends Academy (GFA), we not only prepare students for college, but for a life that will bring glory to God. Our students learn that with God’s power and grace — whether they experience success and joy or encounter adversity and disappointment — they can confidently face every situation.

Founded in 1908 by the same group of Friends (Quakers) who founded the community of Greenleaf, Idaho, Greenleaf Friends Academy is known throughout the Northwest for its academic excellence, outstanding music and athletic programs, and uncompromising Christian values.

Located in the tranquil Boise Valley just 6 miles west of Caldwell, the Academy has grown over the past century from a one-room schoolhouse into a beautiful, modern facility consisting of fine classrooms, gymnasium, elementary building, preschool, cafeteria, athletic fields, and playgrounds to accommodate the needs of our students. Our student body represents over 40 different churches from throughout the Boise Valley and as far away as southeastern Oregon.

Today the school (which includes preschool through 12th grade) is incorporated and governed by a Board of Trustees representing various Friends churches, other supporting churches and the Academy’s alumni. Our alumni are in the thousands and are spread throughout the continent and overseas in various professions including education, science, business, technology, ​medicine, and ministries both pastoral and missions related.  ​

The Academy is looking back to its rich past in order to move into the future. When the school was established in 1908 it focused on classical truths for moral, intellectual and spiritual benefit. In 2017 the school continues to integrate some classical Christian education methods into classroom instruction. This education is based upon a three-part learning model (the trivium) that allows students to absorb, analyze and articulate at the appropriate ages:

  • Absorb (Grammar stage) – Collect, memorize and categorize facts
  • Analyze (Logic stage) – Question relationships between facts, think critically.
  • Articulate (Rhetoric stage) – Develop persuasive arguments and articulate truth.

GFA serves families who desire the integration of their children’s education with a maturing of their Christian faith. The Academy is supported through tuition revenue as well as gifts primarily made to the general, financial aid and endowment funds from a constituency made up of current families, alumni and friends, donors, foundations and grantors.

Greenleaf Friends Academy is:

  • Accredited by the Idaho Department of Education.
  • Accredited by and a member of Northwest Association of Schools and Colleges.
  • A member of the Association of Christian Schools International.
  • A member of Western Idaho Conference and Idaho High School Activities Association.

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