We are so excited to introduce you to our newly revised academy logo! As you can see, it is RICH with history and meaning, and we’ll have you know, it took a lot of deliberation and collaboration before we were happy with the final product! Below are more details about how we came up with this design and what is unique and special about it. Enjoy!

Starting clockwise from the top:

School colors: Black and Red – this really doesn’t need a lot of explanation. It was important that our logo reflect the colors that have represented GFA Grizzlies for so long. We added silver/gray as a third color (instead of white) to add more depth to the design when printed on black or white.

3-part GFA Mission Statement – Our Mission Statement is the anchor to all that we do at GFA. “Inspiring students to think clearly, act responsibly, and serve passionately.” It was important that we include it in the final design as a constant reminder of what our aim is at all times. We love that it is central and prominent in our logo.

Historic Quaker Service Star – The Quaker Service Star originated in 1870 during the Franco-Prussian war as a way for British Quaker relief workers to differentiate themselves and their supplies from other groups who were carrying out similar service efforts. There are variations in the design of the star, but most spring from shared Quaker roots and represent a common commitment to service and the spirit in which it is provided. You can read more here about the star’s history. We loved that the star was already Grizzly colors (it was just meant to be) but we also love that our academy’s heart for service will now be represented so clearly on our logo.

Elementary boy studying – This boy represents our thriving Pre-K – 5th grades at GFA. He’s studying his lessons under the shade of the olive tree (see Symbolic olive tree info below) which shows his commitment to learning, but he’s also wearing a baseball cap which represents the warm and down-to-earth, family atmosphere for which our Academy is known.

Roots from our heritage – It was important to us that we recognize our 109 year heritage in our logo, and what better way than to depict our history with the deep roots that strengthen a tree. Many have gone before us at GFA and planted seeds along the way. We are now enjoying the blessings of those who had us in mind generations ago. Our rich past is what makes our future so bright.

Our founding year – Greenleaf Friends Academy was the VERY FIRST Christian school in Idaho. In 1905, five lovely and devoted Quaker families who felt the same burden to “educate their children under Godly influences”, held hands around a Thanksgiving table and prayed for God’s direction. Over the next 4 years, the growing settlement of church members, bought-up 10 acres of land and high school classes officially began in the back of their church, on November 8, 1908. The rest, as they say, is history!  And as all the grades (pre-K – 12) were added over the years, God’s hand of blessing and provision has been on this amazing school in every way.

High school girl learning – This young woman represents our Secondary grades (6th – 12th) at GFA. She is intently reading but more than that, she’s learning essential truths that will help her think clearly and act responsibly once she graduates from GFA. We wanted her under the tree to show that she’s choosing to seek wisdom outside of the classroom, thus fulfilling our Vision StatementTo inspire and empower students to discover their identity and purpose in Christ and His creation in order to effect change in the world now and for eternity.

Our Christian Faith – We would be nothing and and have no future without our Faith in Jesus Christ, so it was imperative that we represent His ultimate symbol of grace in our design. Simple, clean and white to symbolize the gospel and all it teaches us.

Symbolic olive tree – This tree is wrought with meaning on so many levels. Life, longevity, growth, fruit, history, protection, sustainablity, nurturing, strength, etc. It was fitting that a tree be in our design because of all it represents in both academic and character developemnt realms. But not just any tree, we chose an olive tree to represent peace. A well-known tenet of the Quaker denomination. As stated in our founding church’s “Faith and Practice” documents, “We are called to be agents of God’s peace and love to everyone. We are called to work for justice and to be agents of peace in a broken world. Whether situations of conflict and confusion are personal, national, or global – within the church or beyond it – we are called to be agents of the same healing and love we have received from God.”

Multipurpose alternate designs – It is not uncommon for an organization to have or use different versions or parts of their logo in different projects, publications, and mediums. The grizzly bear at the foot of the cross is an image that beautifully depicts our strength and heart in one picture. This may be used for sports and spirit gear as well as other publications where it seems fitting. The logo with the Quaker Service Star as the central image can be a nice alternate for business letterhead or other more formal publications, as well as our go-to when we are fulfilling our mission by serving our community. Two great alternatives while still maintaining consistency in our branding.

We hope you’ve enjoyed this “tour” of our new logo! If you’re new to our website and want to know more about our academy, CLICK HERE to learn more about what makes GFA so unique.