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Some glowing remarks…

Laura Moore Cunningham FoundationTuition Assistance Scholarships

The Ralph Smeed Private Memorial FoundationCurriculum and Food Service Program

John H. and Orah I. Brandt FoundationSecondary STEM Science Program

Southwest Idaho Legacy OrganizationSTEM Science

Micron FoundationSTEM Science

Cap Ed FoundationLaboratory Aprons and Gloves

And for their generous donation of time and resources, we’d like to THANK these organizations:

Greenleaf Friends Church

AME Electric, Inc.

Brown Construction

Greenleaf Farms

JLCC, Inc.

Fillmore Custom Builders

Master Works Concrete, Inc.

Valley Wide Cooperative/Valley Agronomics, LLC

City of Greenleaf

The Hartwell Corporation

Farm Bureau Insurance – Wayne Hungate and Dave Cereghino

Big Sky Maps

*And for those organizations who wish to remain anonymous, God knows who you are and we are so grateful for you!  

So it’s year 2 now and I don’t even know where to begin. GFA is like a home away from home for our whole family. ALL 4 of our kids are thriving here. They are involved in sports and ASB, they serve others, they have deepened their personal relationship with and understanding of Jesus, their teachers go above and beyond all.the.time…there’s just something SO unique about GFA…you can feel it when you come here. Kids that you’d never see hanging out together at other schools, hang out together here because the community is so different. We are family here. Families pull up to drop their kids off in brand new cars and others in old cars. Some kids are from white-collar families and others are from blue. But once inside, they are all one big family. And if there’s a need on campus, people come out of the woodwork to help and serve. I could go ON and ON! We thank God every day that we’ve found this place. And we picked up our lives and moved from SW Boise last year so we could be even more involved at GFA. It was worth every second of the packing and unpacking and resettling, to have our kids closer…although there are families who DO make the drive every day and they would tell you it’s worth the extra travel time JUST so their kids can be a part of this community. If your’e considering a private education…make the drive out here. Schedule a tour. You will be SO GLAD YOU DID!!

A. Taylor

“My kids don’t currently attend GFA but I still find myself helping or attending school functions. I attended the school from Jr high through high school. I loved my teachers and coaches and still have a relationship with many of them today because they were like family. They cared about my emotional and spiritual growth along with my education. My husband and I have plans to have our 3 girls attend the school soon(we live too far away currently) and I know my girls will love the school too. I also love how there is a place for everyone at the Academy. I loved sports and music and was able to do all the things I loved while still maintaining my studies. I want my girls to find what they love to do and be able to do it in a loving nurturing environment. I know they will find this at GFA.”

P. Aubrey

After visiting GFA, we felt compelled as a family to MOVE all the way from SW BOISE to Caldwell in order for our 4 kids to attend this amazing school. As a 10 year former teacher myself, I can say that the loving, caring and nurturing environment is what attracted us most. The teachers, staff, school board, admin, parents, community and Friends church (next door) care deeply about each and every student that attends and this translates into a great education that nurtures more than just a students academic development. We see a consistent effort by all the aforementioned people to continually improve & grow. Excellence in education and a foundation for honoring and teaching the students about God are fundamental. We love GFA.

Sean Taylor


“We love our school! My son was struggling at his old school so we decided to bring him to Greenleaf Friends Academy. The teachers, administration, the kids are like family. My son is getting an amazing education by an amazing teacher who I can talk with and partner with. Even the curriculum used is wonderful. We are blessed and would recommend this school to anyone looking for a Christian education.”

V. Haben

“This school not only prepared me for college, but all three of my children! If you want your children to have a great Christian education founded on Biblical principles, Greenleaf Friends Academy is the place for you! Students have multiple opportunities to participate in a wide range of extracurricular activities while developing lifetime friendships.”

J. Douty

“Greenleaf Friends Academy is the best choice for any child’s education, Preschool to High School. Love, love, love this school!!!!”

D. Comfort

“As a graduate of the Academy, I look back on very fond memories and cherish the forever friends I made while I attended. Now that my children attend, I feel that same bond still in the school. Every student has a chance to shine and that is so important in building positive self esteem for a life time. The faculty and staff genuinely adore each student. Smiles are heard, not just seen as you walk down the halls. I am blessed to be a part of the Academy’s family.”

C. Truesdell

“This school was like home. The teachers care about you and your interests. Their desire is to help you not only academically, but spiritually as well. I love this school!”

S. Lujan

“Thank you GFA for all the great experiences in my life from Junior High through High School. Thank you for what you are doing now in the lives of young people. May God richly bless the school and staff for all they do!”

S. Ahlborn

“So excited our children are receiving a classical education here. Godly teachers, staff and parents helping to shape our kids values and character.”

D. Warren

“I attended GFA from the 3rd grade until I graduated high school. Whereas, GFA is a small school, that provides opportunities to create excellent relationships with the teachers and staff, which I felt helped attribute to learning in the classroom. Another huge positive that I experienced was how much the parents of our graduating class cared. We had very involved parents who wanted to see their kids, including their child’s classmates, be successful in all stages of life. I still talk with a few of my classmates; regrettably not as many as I would like, but I do keep up with most of them through their Facebook posts etc. I am proud of my classmates when I look and see where the majority of us are in life today. Many of us have spouses and families, are working decent jobs, and legitimately care about Jesus and following His calling. I attribute this to the education Greenleaf gave me. They didn’t just equip me for success in the work place, they equipped my classmates and me for success within the Kingdom of God by teaching us to follow His calling upon our lives. Thank you to the entire faculty and staff, as well as the parents of our graduating class for encouraging us and motivating us to make informed, Christ-like decisions on a post-educational level.”

M. Vance

“A wonderful place to grow academically, emotionally, and spiritually and to be loved on.”

M. Lujan

“I attended and graduated fifty-plus years ago! Sooo thankful my parents had the desire for a Christian education for us kids, and the foresight and determination to make it happen! It was a SOLID foundation for life!”

L. Wynters

“Best place….gave my kids great, godly education. Helped make then the wonderful people they are today.”

B. Stephens