#IdahoGives HUGE Success!

#IdahoGives HUGE Success!

THE NUMBERS ARE IN!! 3rd place for most raised in Canyon County and Top 25 for most raised among “Large Organizations”! 628 Non-profits participated in #IdahoGives2017. 😎💪🏼

#IdahoGives was a huge success for our first year participating! We raised $10,500 between online giving and pledges that are on their way in the mail!
And because of the generous MATCHING CHALLENGE, our total amount raised was approximately 🎉🎉🎉$21,000🎉🎉🎉 toward our $175K #GFAkitchenRenovations campaign! That’s pretty awesome for a ONE DAY event!!😮

Praise God!! Please keep 🗣spreading the word🗣about the MATCHING CHALLENGE because we still have $26,000 left that is STILL ACTIVE! That means EVERY DOLLAR DONATED to #GFA right now will still be 💰DOUBLED!💰 Our goal is to meet our matching challenge by June which would put us at $74,000 raised in just 2 months!😱 LET’S DO THIS!! 💪🏼👊🏼


Tip-Off Schedule of Events

Good morning, Families!

Following is a listing of the events planned for our Tip-Off weekend.  In order to participate in Saturday’s events, students need a permission slip filled out by parents and $10. Here is a link to the printable Permission Slip.

Friday, February 3 
…Pep Assembly  3:00pm
…JV BBBall Game against Rimrock 6:00pm – HOME
…Senior Night Presentation for Senior BBBall players
…Varsity BBBall Game against Rimrock 7:30pm – HOME
…Tip-Off Coronation at Half-Time

Saturday, February 4
…Meet at GFA at 12:30pm; Leave by bus at 1:00pm
…Tubing at Gateway Parks at Eagle Island  1:45-5:30pm
…Dinner at Idaho Pizza on Fairview  6:00-7:00pm
…Scavenger Hunt at Boise Town Square Mall  7:00-8:30pm
…Return to GFA at  9:30pm

Please let us know at the office if you have any questions.  Blessings on a fun-filled weekend!

Kathy Hazen

Monday 1/30 at 8:10am

Monday 1/30 at 8:10am

Please come. Set your alarm. Decide now. No excuses.

#WeekofPrayer#TRUErevivalbeginsthisway #Itstime #SomethingisBuilding #LeadByExample
***Starting tomorrow morning (Monday-Friday) in the #GFA Library. Prayer begins at 8:10am and will conclude at 8:25am. Worship music will be playing if you’d like to arrive at 8:00am to quietly prepare your heart.

Video for more info.

Prayer guide that will be used all week.

TONIGHT at 6pm!

TONIGHT at 6pm!

6:00pm tonight (Sunday) we begin.
God has been drawing many of us to this. IS HE DRAWING YOU? If He has been…EXPECT road blocks, conflict in your home, car trouble, and more, to keep you from starting this great work tonight. ONE WEEK of focused, determined, community prayer COULD be an inconvenience, it COULD require an interruption to your regular schedule, it COULD make you uncomfortable…and it could ALSO CHANGE YOUR LIFE, your family, your marriage, your work, your habits, your children, your goals, and your eternity. THE TIME IS NOW. Be brave. Join us.

Location: 20535 Academy Rd, Greenleaf, Idaho

Times: 6 pm tonight then 7:00PM every night this week in the church sanctuary.

8:10-8:25AM Monday – Friday in Academy Library.

Video for more info: https://youtu.be/ua5ywnAzIpw

Prayer guide that will be used all week: http://greenleaffriends.org/…/WEEK%20OF%20PRAYER%20Daily%20…

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Calling ALL GFA Picture-takers!

Calling ALL GFA Picture-takers!

Calling ALL #GFA photographers!! Do you have a fancy camera? Do you love snapping pics with your upgraded smart-phone? Are you a #GFAstudent who want’s more experience in photo-journalism? Are you a #GFAparent that has an extra hour once-a-week to walk the campus and discover photo-ops (background check may apply)??
PLEASE COMMENT BELOW if you’d like to be part of a new team of volunteer photographers for our school! ***You can be involved as much or as little as you’d like*** we just need a team that can join forces and capture more GFA moments!

Some changes…

Dear Families,

Due to some scheduling issues, we will post 2nd semester grades (and quarter 2) to Renweb on Thursday, January 19, after 4pm.  This is a change from yesterday’s original posting date.  Elementary students will be given their report cards on Thursday, and middle and high school students will have hardcopies available at the office on Friday.  (Hardcopies for MS/HS students are only printed out if requested; we are trying to move to a more “paperless” system.)  Thank you for your patience and understanding!

The bus for Boys & Girls Varsity Basketball leaves GFA @ 4:30 today for Ambrose. NO JV GAMES TODAY! 

Also, the JV/Varsity BB Girls will be playing against Wilder tomorrow, January 18, at Wilder.  Games will be at 6:00 and 7:30pm.  This game was not included in the weekly Inspire.

Please contact the office with any questions or for more information.  Blessings!

Kathy Hazen

MLK Day Tribute

MLK Day Tribute

Good MORNING #GFA! Some powerful words from #MartinLutherKingJr this morning as we celebrate the good he did during his short time on earth. #LetFreedomRing! ❤

#GFAholiday #GreenleafFriendsAcademy

An UPDATE from our Pricipal

An update from our #Principal! 🙂 CLICK HERE FOR THE VIDEO. Lots to share in regard to the effects of the #IdahoSnowapocalypse2017 on our building, the CHANGES to our school calendar, and the short-list of those #GFA wishes to thank for all their work after the snow dump. #GFAfamilies **Please** take a minute to listen so you can stay in the loop. Thank you!! 
#GreenleafFriendsAcademy #GFAannouncements
School tomorrow?

School tomorrow?

Us Mamas…we just gotta laugh at this point. You know…that crazy-eyed, obnoxious, I’m-loosing-my-mind kinda laugh.  Soooooo…there MIGHT be school tomorrow. Then again…there might not. Only God knows. IF there is school – #bringalunch #wearboots and be prepared to move around a bit as we shuffle #classrooms while the repairs are done. That’s all I’ve got tonight, folks. Over and out!

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