As part of our new STRATEGIC approach, we’d love for you to look over the below Guardianships and choose the people and/or areas that you feel lead to the most.


Please do not overextend yourself. We want each area/person to be covered faithfully in prayer. A consistent covering over GFA and those within is our aim. Your prayer-times can be several times a day or a few times a week. The amount of prayer you decide to invest in these special areas/people depends on you, but once you’ve decided, please aim for consistency each week.

And then watch and wait. Over time, God will begin to do great and mighty things through your faithful prayers! Some answers will be hidden from your sight, others will bring you to your knees in awe of the powerful God you serve. These are the jewels. Write them down and remember them so you can look back at GFA one day and say, “I was a part of that miracle!”


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*If you choose one of the "Classroom, Admin, Office, Faculty, Staff, and/or Class" Guardians, the specific choices will be available on the NEXT PAGE.